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Becoming a vegetarian is not easy when you have been eating meat your whole life, and everyone around you does. Here are the tips I have so far, though I am still learning myself.

1. Don’t be afraid to speak up:

I remember going to a hibachi sushi buffet and excitedly bringing my plate to the hibachi grill with my boyfriend. I then watched in horror as the chef cooked my boyfriends meat, then used the same utensils to cook my food. Because I am awkward, I didn’t say anything, but took my plate to my table and didn’t eat a single bit of it. DON’T BE ME. I have since decided to speak up and actually enjoy my food.

2. Know before you go:

I don’t know how many times I have gone out to eat and found nothing on the menu I could possibly eat other than grilled cheese and french fries. Seriously, every salad these days has meat in it too. Yes, I could order it sans meat but then I’m paying up the ass for the meat portion in it and I am way too cheap for that. So my advice is to look at the restaurant website or menu and get a feel for if they are vegetarian friendly.




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