Going Out to Eat Vegetarian

One of the biggest struggles as a vegetarian is that it is so hard to go out to eat and find something I am really, really satisfied with, or feel like is even worth paying for. For example, at way too many places, I can only really get french fries, a freaking grilled cheese, or a combination of sides. Not that I mind all that much, as this kind of keeps me from splurging on too many crappy foods. But sometimes I want to treat myself! Here are some solutions to eating at common restaurants, and my favorite places that are vegetarian-friendly:

American style restaurants:

These places may offer above mentioned french fries and grilled cheese, but who wants to pay for something that could so easily be made at home? I don’t, so I generally won’t choose to eat at these types of places. Places I have trouble with:

Good Days in Bridgewater, MA- not many vegetarian options unless you want breakfast

UNO’S- loved them before I was a vegetarian- not so many options now, but they have a few



My favorite Mexican place is El Mariachi in Taunton, MA. They have a good selection of vegetarian options, and list them all in its own section so you don’t have to search everywhere for SOMETHING you can eat.

I have heard Chipotle is good, also, and I have tried Qdoba and they are good. Disclaimer: I have a chips and salsa problem so I may be biased.


I can’t tell you how many times my mom has gone out to Chinese without me and says: “You can’t even eat anything!” LIES! There are so many delicious things without meat at the Chinese buffet, like rice, noodles, stir fry, those yummy fried dough balls, and of course unlimited ice cream. Vegetarians can definitely go to the buffet and ‘pig out’ (irony intended). Hibachi Sushi Buffet in Raynham, MA is great, and so is China Garden, also in Raynham.

Another favorite buffet is Fire and Ice, located in Providence, RI, Boston, MA and other locations.


Ahh, Italian. What is not to love for a vegetarian? The unlimited bread? The salad? Even Olive Garden has unlimited soup. But then the pasta! The meatless, cheese filled pasta! Can you tell I love Italian. I always have, and I am glad that there are always so many vegetarian options with this type of food. Olive Garden is okay, while not authentic, but reasonably priced with lots of food. My favorite is Bertuccis, a chain restaurant in the area. Their food is delicious. I have yet to go to a genuinely authentic Italian place, but I know there are plenty in Boston’s North End, and am dying to try them out.

There will definitely be another page to the blog dedicated to these tips and more specific places and dishes you can get there at a later date!



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