Who Said I Know it All?

This blog is based on my lifestyle as a vegetarian. Therefore, it has nothing to do with my undergraduate experience. I am an education major, so this blog is really more related directly to my life outside of my academic pursuits. The basis for pretty much everything you will find on my blog is the personal experiences I have as a vegetarian, and I do my best to talk about different aspects of that lifestyle change. This ranges from the different encounters that I have faced such as the difficulties associated with going out to eat and finding something worth paying for on the menu, to how I eat now. You will definitely see references such as the book Skinny Bitch, which I accredit as the very things that influenced me to quit eating meat. There are also other resources on my blog, so that you can see where I get some of my ideas for the meals I eat, because transitioning to non-meat foods can be difficult to do when you are trying to be health-conscious (and dislike vegetables, like me).


I suppose that being an undergraduate student specifically, I have a different point of view than some other vegetarians. I have to find economical alternatives to-meat-eating (books, gas to commute, and tuition are wallet-draining things). I also have to deal with social aspects and being a vegetarian in those types of settings. I am not be able to go to a cook out in the summer time and enjoy the hot dogs and burgers, unless I bring my own meatless equals. So what is a vegetarian to do in these situations? My perspective could definitely be useful, because I am sure that there are many other college students who are vegetarians, or even those in who can still otherwise find this information useful. I will never claim to know everything about being a vegetarian, or to have it all figured out. I am still new to this, and the goal is to provide others with the process in a learn-as-I-go format.


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